10 Reasons Why MashShare Is Better Than Other Social Media Plugins

A few points why MashShare Is Better than other sharing plugins:

  1. More API Calls than other plugins
  2. Sky Rocket Performance
  3. Huge Full Width Responsive Buttons
  4. Widget for Most Shared Posts
  5. Easier Customization
  6. Better Open Graph and Twitter Card Integration
  7. Share Count Dashboard
  8. Easy User Interface
  9. Developer Friendly with large docs base
  10. Well Coded. Yes, We Do Know Unit Testing

1. Faster and More Accurate Than Other Plugins

Other plugins are rate limited and will return share counts only for a few calls. When the limit is reached no shares are shown at all or new shares are returned
with huge delay times. Great sites like yours are exceeding with their requests the new facebook api. That means a lot of your pages will show a delayed share count or no shares at all!

[mashtweet tweet=”MashShare is the first Social Media plugin that uses its own brand new Facebook Connect Integration to bypass the public facebook API limit.” text=”MashShare the first sharing plugin that uses Facebook Connect to bypass the public facebook API limit.” username=”mashshare”]

You just need to click on a button from the inside to be connected:

facebook connect login

It allows you up to 200 API calls per hour to the facebook server. This is more than enough for even huge traffic sites as MashShare is caching all share counts internally.

We are convinced that other social media plugins are going to copy our solution soon… and we will be proud of it;)

Your site becomes immediately better than the rest because you are the one whose website is running with full social sharing power. Other sites share count still stucks and are delayed and they even do not know it.

2. Huge Full Width Responsive Buttons

We released a NEW responsive and large Share Buttons which goes uses all the space from left to right. You are also able to define the sharing label for every single button. That’ s a feature which makes MashShare unique on the Market, makes it outstanding and separates us from other social media plugins. MashShare comes with excellent responsive support. So the buttons look great on mobile and desktop devices. If you want more customization options for mobile devices there is our responsive Add-On which delivers all the rest you need.

Social Media Share Buttons

3. A Beautiful Sharing Widget

We include a Most Shared Widget for recent posts that contains post thumbnails and a beautiful css and easy to adjust css. That gives your side bar sharing super power. It does not even slow down your site. All calculations are cached completely so it’s probably one of the fastest recent posts widget out of the WordPress plugin sphere.


4. Better Customization Options

MashShare can be adjusted very easily. Select from ready to use sizes to make sure that MashShare is looking great on your website. No matter if you prefer small, medium or large buttons.


5. Faster Than Other Social Media Plugins

One of the greatest feature we have is the Asynchronous  share count aggregation. It gives your site a performance boost when you switch your old share count plugin to MashShare. Use the Async Cache Refresh method and your share counts will be aggregated only after page loading and never while page loads. So you will never experience that your site is loading slowlier with MashShare enabled. This is a huge performance booster.


6. Open Graph and Twitter Card Integration

Use open graph and twitter card to specify the content you like to share. It’s fully compatible to great plugins like Yoast Seo and if you are using Yoast than the plugin is using the data you populated in the Yoast plugin. So get out the maximum of your valuable content.


7. Share Count Dashboard

See all shares of at a glance on the admin posts listing:


8. A Clean and Easy To User Interface

After installation MashShare is up and ready with some useful predefined settings for an easier experience. All user settings can be reached with a maximum of only 2 clicks. So give it a try.

9. Developer Friendly with large docs base

We are using a lot of actions and filters to be extremely versatile and easy do extend and adjust. We are offering a extensive development documentation for your developer. So if you have any custom requirement anything can be done with MashShare

10. Coded Well. Yes, We Do know Unit Testing

Show MashShare your developer. He will like it and he will be faster and better with working on MashShare than on any other social media plugin



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