Why It’s a Good Idea to Connect MashShare with Facebook

Why it’s a good idea to connect your facebook account with MashShare

  • Faster growing of your share counts
  • More accurate share counts
  • More visual social sharing activity

MashShare offers the option to be connected with your facebook account. As a benefit you get much higher API call rate limits than your website would have without connecting your account. MashShare only receives public available information like your facebook name and all other details that are publically available without logging in to facebook.

MashShare also receives the email address you are using for your facebook account. With connecting facebook to the MashShare app you allow us to send you occasionally emails that are relevant to MashShare and its social media services.

As the facebook access tokens need to be renewed every 2 month we are also planning to create a service which sends you reminder mails every 2 month. So you will never forget to renew the access token. You can unsubscribe to that mails to any timepoint.

You do not need to connect your facebook account with MashShare but keep in mind that the API calls made by MashShare plugin could exceeds the amount of API calls that is allowed by facebook. You will be affected by this issue especially when you have a high traffic website or you are using shared web hosting where many other sites are hosted on the same server that you are using. When you are using a DNS service like cloudflare it’s highly likely that your site will hit quickly these limits.

In that case you will receive a lower number of shares or no shares at all.  The growing rate of your shares can also be delayed.

As MashShare is caching all your shares this is not a big problem:

After a while, after hitting one of these limits it is possible to call again the facebook API and you share count will raise again.

So if you want to have more accurate and quicker share counts than you can connect with your facebook account from


facebook connect login

But this is completely optional and up to you!

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