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Real Time Pageview Counter
Increase user interaction and interest with this ajax based Pageview Counter


  • High Performance Pageview count generation with caching to reduce db load
  • Use different modes: ajax | ajax real time polling | non-ajax
  • Fake count option with human undetectable smart algorithm. (Fake count is cumulated to real pageview count)
  • Align Pageview Counter to left or right of the share buttons
  • Specify Ajax poll frequency and limit the average server utilization
  • Disable Real Time Counter when system loads exceeds a certain value
  • Round Pageviews, e.g. 2.500 result in 2.5k. 1.500.000 is shown as 1.5M
  • New:  Show page views in admin posts listing
  • Compatible with Mashshare ShareBar. (Pageviews are¬†shown in the Sharebar)

See a working demo on this page!

Developer FAQ:


Pageview Realtime Counter Frontend
Pageviews Realtime Counter Frontpage 2
Pageview Counter Admin settings

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