MashShare 3.X Update News

We are happy to say that the release of MashShare version 3 in general went very well and we received a lot of positive feedback and congrats for this much more powerful new version.

Unfortunately there was a bug in the very first version of MashShare 3.0 and on a few customer sites the previous MashShare settings were lost after updating.

This issue was fixed immediately after reporting but if you were one of the first users and you are not sure if you were affected by this issue it’s advised to troubleshoot and follow the steps below to resolve any possible issues.

Step 1: Some Networks are missing from the buttons

Go to MashShare->Settings->Social Networks

Check if all your desired networks are available and activated there:


If that’s the case you can ignore the next steps. MashShare should be working flawless like it did before.

If you are using the Social Network Add-On and the additional social networks are missed there go to next step.

Step 2: Networks from the Social Networks Add-On are missing.

Go to the plugins admin page and deactivate MashShare core plugin AND the MashShare Social Network Add-On:


Than activate first the MashShare Share Buttons plugin THAN the MashShare – Social Networks Add-On. Activation order is essential here!

Go to MashShare->Settings->Social Networks.

Now, you should see there all available networks including the missing ones.

Activate the desired Networks and save it!

Step 3: Share Buttons are only shown on posts and not longer on other custom post types

If you previously told MashShare to show Share Buttons on any custom post types and this isn’t working any longer

go to Settings->Location & Position and activate there the desired custom post type:


Save the new setting and the share buttons are back on your custom post types.

Do not forget to purge your site cache or CDN (if  there is any running) to see the modifications on your frontend.

If you find your issue not listed here please get in contact with us and we help you to resolve this.


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