VideoPost Popup

VideoPost Popup Module
Embed YouTube Video with a Social Sharing Popup

“Including automatic thumbnail generation from video source”

Double your traffic and create a video post with a Facebook, Twitter share & like button popup after end of video play or use the included scrolling popup when user is scrolling down your site.

This module works with embedded videos + on pages without any video!




  • Videopost creation feature for every
  • Share & Like Popup for Facebook & Twitter at end of video
  • Share & Like Popup on any other non-video page or post after specific time
  • Like Popup
  • YouTube Video Integration
  • Specify delay time of opening popup
  • Use featured image on share Popup
  • 100% responsive on all devices
  • Highly customizable:
    • Link to FB Fanpage for Like button
    • Call To Action Share Text
    • Share Buttons text
    • Like Popup Call To Action Text
    • Close Button text
    • Popup position
    • Popup width
    • Time when popup starts
    • Select class name, id or html element where the popup is fired
    • Define custom percentage value where popup is fired
    • New: Disable Related Videos after end of video
  • Great performance:
  • Scripts and styles only loaded on pages where the add-on is used.
  • Very smart code base for superb loading times
  • All icons are crisp sharp high-resolution vector font icons
  • VideoPost Editor Button is deactivatable
  • Google Analytics Integration (Google universal code needed):
    • Count clicks on share buttons
    • Track urls
    • Timepoint
    • Google Analytics Real-Time tracking
  • Disable scrolling popup and enable only Video Popup
  • Customize video width and height for every post
  • Enable autoplay feature
  • Define video start & stop time
  • Turn off video annotations
  • Create video thumbnails automatically
    from video source and sets them as featured image
  • Define percentage of scrolling until pop up is opened
  • Custom HTML allows creation of more buttons like twitter, linkedin, google
  • 100% responsive for all videos in 16:9 ratio
  • Cookie support
  • Shortcode url option

Extra: Read here how to add a facebook Like button and a YouTube Subscribe button under each Video.



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