Mashshare LikeAfterShare

Extend Mashshare with a “Like after Share” modal Pop-Up overlay. Increase your website and Facebook fan page likes enormously.

This add-on will create a popup with a Like button when someone is using the Facebook Share button.
If the user already liked your site or Facebook fan page the popup will not appear again.

For demonstration, purpose click on the Facebook share button and click on Share or Cancel: See a similar version working on and




If you want to test this by yourself you have to remove the LikeAfterShare cookie “dontaskfb” after clicking on the popup like button.
Otherwise, you will not get the popup window again.

Key Features:

  • Compatible in all modern desktop and mobile browsers
  • Asynchronous non-blocking javascript for greater performance
  • 100% responsive on all mobile devices
  • Creates Like button in all facebook supported languages
  • Pop-Up is hidden automatically when a visitor clicks on the Like button
  • Cookie detection if the user already likes your page and disables the popup overlay than
  • Individualize Headline and Subtitle of the Pop-Up for more visual attraction
  • Define the background color of the overlay
  • Complete visual appearance is easy customizable with CSS
  • Multi-language capable. Use included *.po file for translation
  • German and English language files included.


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