How to get share data in Google Analytics

There are several ways to gather Mashshare share data within your Google Analytics dashboard. The easiest one is to use the add-on Google Analytics Integration. After successful installation of the add-on follow the steps below to get your share analytics.

For a real-time overview of whats going on at the moment:

1 .Realtime->Events

If you see there any entries this means people are using the share buttons right now on your website

The Google Analytics Realtime Events dashboard

Click on “Social Shares”

Clicking on “Social Shares” filters all events to only the Mashshare related ones and shows you the event_label, containing the url of the page which is shared at the moment.


Get all shares within the GA account categorized by date

If you want to see all shares on your page which are done within a specific time frame specify first the time in the upper right corner of the GA dashboard.

1. Go to Events->Overview




If you want to get the data categorized by social networks paired with shared page url

1. Go to Events -> Top Events
2. Enable secondary dimension: Page




There are a lot of different ways to gather data from your GA dashboard. For more in deep information we are recommend the following article:


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