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No social share buttons are visible after updating or installing Mashshare

This happens often when you are using the Mashshare Network Add-On which is disabled during update process or when your are updating from a very early Mashshare version 1.x.
Solution: Disable Mashshare Network Add-On and Mashshare. Enable Mashshare THAN the Network Add-On and all Share buttons become visible again. (Activating order is important here)

How to style Mashshare?

You can adjust the style of Mashshare with some very small css snippets.

Font size of the share count:

.mashsb-count {
 font-size: 43px;  //Size in px here

Font size of the share count label:

.mashsb-sharetext {
 font-size: 10px;

Width of the share buttons

.mashsb-buttons a {
min-width: 177px;

Adjust the width to your needs!

Font size of the share icons:

 [class^="mashicon-"] .icon:before, [class*=" mashicon-"] .icon:before {
 font-size: 16px;

Font size of the Share Button label:

[class^="mashicon-"] .text, [class*=" mashicon-"] .text { 
font-size: 18px; 

Distance text to edges of the button and change total size of the buttons:

.mashsb-buttons a {
padding: 13px;

Center alignment of button Icons and Text:

[class^="mashicon-"] .icon:before, [class*=" mashicon-"] .icon:before {

.mashsb-buttons a {
text-align: center;


Mashshare comes with a set of shortcodes:

  • Embed Share Buttons in pages or posts:   
  • Buttons without sharecount:
  • Sharecount only:
  • Share buttons alignment:
  • Shortcode in template files via php: echo do_shortcode(‘ ‘);
  • Custom url:
  • Custom share text:

You can combine all these shortcode parameters in one shortcode, e.g.:

Whatsapp Share button missing

The Whatsapp share button is only shown on iPhone iOS and Android devices when the Social network add-on is installed.

No share count when using mobile devices with enabled network Add-On

If you like to have the share count enabled on small mobile devices use this in custom css:

@media only screen and (max-width: 460px) and (min-width: 100px) {
  .mashsb-box .mashsb-count 
  display: block !important;

Total count not shown immediately after sharing

It takes some time for the script to detect the sharing. So wait a few minutes than you see the total calculated clicks. Keep also in mind the caching time you defined in the admin panel. So when you set the plugin to 5minutes caching time. You have to wait at least for 5minutes until the click count is shown.

Mashshare or sharedcount.com account needed?

There is a free available Api Key from sharedcount.com necessary for up to 10.000 daily requests. For most websites this is suitable enough as Mashshare uses extensive caching so the requests to sharedcount.com are reduced to a little. If you want to have more often updated share counts you can register at sharecount for a premium account and you are able to use a api key which increases your daily request limit.
Within the settings page of Mashshare Share buttons you find the sharedcount.com register link.

Does this plugin sends any personal user data to you or to Facebook, Twitter etc.?

No, there is no personal data send to Facebook, Twitter, Google and other services. There is also no data which goes to my hands that includes any IP or other data. The big advantage of using this Mashare Share buttons is the independance in comparision to other plugins which creates steady connections to Facebook and Co. So there is no IP based data send to the social networks or to sharedcount.com.

Is sharedcount.com able to get the total number of shares?

Sharedcount.com is using public available API services of the social networks which deliver only the number of shares for a specific webpage. Sharedcount.com is not able to see who shared anything, only how often.

LinkedIn pulls wrong image

“The choice and quality of the image “grabbed” when you use the “share” feature is totally beyond your control.”
Read here for more: https://community.linkedin.com/questions/3299/image-displayed-when-sharing-a-website.html

Blank page when i try to activate or uninstall the plugin

Check your php logfiles for any errors. I can also assist you with such problems, but keep in mind that they are mostly not caused by this plugin.

No popup window after clicking the share buttons

Often this is because you are using any third party and outdated theme which is not using the WordPress Hook wp_head() for embedding external plugin scripts. Make sure your website source contains the script /mashsharer/assets/mashsb.min.js
So if you have no chance to update or change your theme do some hardcoding and put the following line into the head template of your theme file:

<script type='text/javascript' src='http://yourwebsite.com/wp-content/plugins/mashsharer/assets/mashsharer.js?ver=1.1'></script>

Easier and more recommend is to embed the wp_head() function into the header.php template file.

Sharecounts are zero when i change my site links

If you change the url´s of your site from e.g. yourwebsite.com/link-to-my-article to
yourwebsite.com/blog/link-to-my-article the share counts return zero because social networks like Facebook and Twitter are not able to detect that you only moved the url permalink structure and that the content still remains the same. So from a viewpoint of this networks the new url appears as a new page which has not been shared before. So the count is zero.
There is no way to get the old share count back, so think about it carefully if it is realy useful to change your site url structure before you do this. Most times you have more drawbacks than advantages when changing url´s.

Sharecount stays zero although i am using an API Key

Check if your API key is working properly:

This should result in something like:


Create a Mailpoet (formerly known wysij) subscribe button

Go to your website->Mailpoet->Settings->Forms and create a new html formular shortcode. This will look like

[wysija_form id="1"]

Copy the example html code below into mashshare->settings->visual->subscribe content.

<div class="email-subscription"><strong class="title">Sign up today and be notified about discounts and new Mashshare add-ons</strong>[wysija_form id="1"]<span class="note" style="font-size: 12px;">We promise not to spam you and not to give away your mail address. Read our <a href="/privacy">privacy policy</a>.</span></div>
<div style="float: left; padding-right: 10px; margin-top: 4px;"><strong class="title">Don't forget to like Mashshare: </strong></div>
<div style="margin-top: 10px;"><iframe width="300" height="150" style="border: none; overflow: hidden; width: 90px; height: 21px;" src="//www.facebook.com/plugins/like.php?href=https%3A%2F%2F.facebook.com%2Fmashshare.net&amp;width=90&amp;layout=button_count&amp;action=like&amp;show_faces=true&amp;share=false&amp;height=21&amp;appId=317697668417910" frameborder="0" scrolling="no"></iframe>
<iframe width="300" height="150" style="width: 200px; height: 21px;" src="//platform.twitter.com/widgets/follow_button.html?screen_name=mashshare&amp;lang=en&amp;show_count=true" frameborder="0" scrolling="no"></iframe></div>

Create a Mailchimp subscribe formular for the subscribe button

Log in to your mailchimp account, create a new list. Click on that list and create a new html embed form. Copy that html code into mashshare->settings->visual->subscribe content.

Centering the Mashshare Buttons

Write this in Mashshare->visual->custom css

.mashsb-container {
 margin: 0 auto;
 max-width: 660px;

Adjust max-width to the estimated total width of all your visible Buttons which are in one line incl. share count.
The higher the value the more the buttons align to the left. Try out which value is the best for your site.

Changing the icons

At the moment there is only a unsupported inofficial solution:

Go to fontello.com, look there which icon is useful for you. Download it, find the file fontname-enbedded.css and copy the string which contains the long data:application/octlet-stream like this one:

`@font-face {
font-family: 'mashicon-subscribe'; /* This name must be changed */
src: url('data:application/octet-stream;base64,d09GRgABAAAAAApEAA4AAAA

Copy the code above to your mashshare custom css followed by the lines:

`.mashicon-subscribe .icon:before {
font-family: "mashsb-subscribe" !important;

.mashicon-subscribe:before {
content: '\e800' !important; /* This must be changed */

Remove Sharebar count on mobile devices:

This custom css removes the sharebar count on mobile devices:

@media only screen and (max-width: 568px) {
#mashfbar-header .mashsb-count {

Enable the Share Bar only on mobile devices

@media only screen and (min-width: 568px) {
#mashfbar-header {

If this does not work, try this:

@media only screen and (min-width: 568px) {
#mashfbar-header {
display:none !important;

Not possible to fill in any text in the subscribe field

On some circumstances like using any third party plugin which hooks into the WYSIWYG wordpress editor its not possible to write any text in the subscribe form field.
Bypass this by switching the editor to “text mode” and you are able to use it as expected.

Hide the plus sign on mobile devices

Use this mashshare custom css

@media only screen and (max-width:600px){
.onoffswitch {

Website is loading slow

This is only happening for the first page load when there are no generated sharecounts. After first count checking, the count is cached until the ‘expiration time’ gets expired.
When counts are cached they are delivered with nearly no delay and no performance glitch.

Make the test for yourself: Open one newly created page and you ll notice a small delay (However, this should not be longer than 1 sec. )
Opening the same page again delivers the page instantly.

If you are still experience performance issues on your website disable the share count in the settings.

P3 Profiler is showing slow loading performance

We are soory to say but most often the p3 measurements with the P3 Profiler are done wrong.
The P3 Profiler is an excellent tool to get a hint which plugins are load expensive and which ones not. But as with every kind of tool its important to know how to use it properly. A good and expensive chain isn’t doing straight cuts when the lines are drawn curved.

We are not saying that you did the measurement wrong but most people use the automatic runtime mode where P3 is loading randomly different pages on every run. Doing this means that the Mashshare cache isnt used when its set very low like the default setting of 5min.

The Mashshare cache is only executed second time a page is requested. When this happens after the cache expiration of, lets say 5min,  than the cache is never executed and P3 is showing an exorbitant high loading time for Mashshare which we want to prevent.

To get accurate and proper performance data for Mashshare its essential to disable the automatic testing mode of P3 Profiler and to use the manual mode. Do some test runs, two or three times for the same pages again and again and see how the first page loading needs much longer than the second and third one, because the count is coming from the previously cached transient store.

Read also: https://www.mashshare.net/faq/#My_website_is_loading_slow

Use custom icons

To change the icons, example for the subscribe button:

Go to http://fontello.com, look there which icon is useful for you. Download the zip file, extract it and find the file fontname-enbeded.css (or similar) and copy the string which contains the long data:application/octlet-stream like this one:

@font-face {
  font-family: 'mashicon-subscribe'; /* This name must be changed */

Copy this to your mashshare custom css with the following lines:

.mashicon-subscribe .icon:before {
font-family: "mashsb-subscribe" !important;

.mashicon-subscribe:before {
content: ‘\e800’ !important; /* This must be changed to the icon */
This is a non supported solution which is not easy for non experienced developer.

We are planing to allow mashshare custom icons in the future.

Create a Facebook like button below the share buttons:

Put this code in your theme´s function.php:

/* Return FB Like Button below Mashshare share buttons
function returnFBLike($html){
    return $html = $html . '<div class="mycustomLikeButton"><iframe width="300" height="150" style="border: none; overflow: hidden; width: 250px; height: 80px;" src="//www.facebook.com/plugins/like.php?href=https%3A%2F%2Ffacebook%2Fmashshare.net&amp;width=230&amp;layout=standard&amp;action=like&amp;show_faces=true&amp;share=false&amp;height=80&amp;appId=1602942513258261" scrolling="no" frameborder="0" allowtransparency="true"></iframe></div>'; } 
add_filter('mashsb_output_buttons', 'returnFBLike');

Adjust width, app ID (or remove it) and url to your needs.

Like Button not visible – Facebook APP ID not working

Some Mashshare Add-Ons need a Facebook APP ID to get rich of all possible features. If this APP ID is not working properly you ll run into issue like:

  • Facebook Like button is not shown
  • Popup not closing automatically after click on like button
  • Error messages like “An error occurred. Please try again later”

If you get any of this errors verify that your APP ID is working:

Go to your app settings in https://developers.facebook.com/ click the advanced settings tab
and check if your APP is in sandbox mode. The Sandbox mode must be disabled!

APP ID has been changed!
After making changes in your FB App ID account it sometimes happens that Facebook changes the APP ID without telling you.
Make sure that you are using the correct APP ID!

Check these example screenshots of the Facebook APP ID account:

The name of the APP ID is not important but should reflect your website or the Mashshare Add-On it is for.
Do only use small letters and do not uses spaces in the names. Be aware of the “green dot” which signalised the accurate working of the APP ID

Important is the correct website url your are planning to use the APP ID for!

Facebook is showing wrong image or share text

Per default facebook is creating the share description automatically from the content of the page you like to share.

Sometimes this leads to unwanted results like having unrelated text in this share description. Luckily you are able to define exact share description with the help of special tags, called open graph meta which are placed in head of your site.

Just install a open graph plugin to provide this extra tags. You can use the Mashshare free open graph add-on or any other plugin which injects open graph meta tags into head of your website (E.g.Yoast is doing this).

Open than the facebook debugger https://developers.facebook.com/tools/debug/ and notify facebook that there are changes on your site, so facebook will use this new open graph tag for creating the share description.

Step by step instruction:

  1. Open the facebook debugger https://developers.facebook.com/tools/debug/
  2. Click “Debug” (see image 1)
  3. Click “Fetch new scrape information” (see image 2)
  4. Take care if there are any warnings or notices

Share you page again and see that Facebook is now using the new open graph attributes which you changed previously.

Facebook Debugger
Image 1
Facebook Object Debugger
Image 2


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