MashShare Ultimate License

Get all of the primary Mashshare Add-Ons at a hugely discounted price with this Core Add-On Bundle. In this bundle you will find all of the primary Add-Ons available that are built by the Mashshare core development team.

For just € 339 you receive all premium Add-Ons including unlimited support for unlimited sites and unlimited updates without any time limitation.

What is included?
A total of 12 Add-Ons, comprising all of the primary extensions from the core development team. The extensions included are:

Who is this meant for?
Anyone! The users that will find this bundle the most beneficial are agencies and freelance developers building websites for clients. Since each Add-On license is for unlimited sites, you are more than welcome to install the included extensions on as many client sites as you wish, making this bundle extremely affordable.

What about support and updates?
Support and updates for all Add-Ons included in this bundle are given for the license holder for unlimited time as long as licenses are used on sites directly attached to you or your clients.


Support will only be given to the license holder. Not to customers of the license holder or other people who are using the unlimited site license version on their computer

How many sites is the bundle for?
Unlimited sites. The purchase of this bundle, grants an unlimited sites license for every Add-On included in the bundle. That means you can install any and all of the Add-Ons on unlimited sites.

What are the terms for using the Unlimited Sites License?

You are granted a non-exclusive and non-transferable license to install and use the Software under the following conditions:

The plugin may be installed and used by the Licensee for any legal purpose.
An unlimited number of copies of the plugin may be installed and used on any number of compatible systems worldwide at any website of the Licensee’s Company, provided all copies are registered for the Company name.
The plugin may be installed and used by any number of users worldwide at any website of the Licensee’s Company.
With this License the Software will be licensed to the Licensee’s Company name.

If you are looking for a license that allows you to use MashShare for students or any educational establishment please ask us for a special agreement.

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