Performance Widget

Performance Widget
Shares, comments and real time reads at a glance

[mashpw style=style2 align=center]

This Mashshare module gives your website a great visual social impact. It is showing the MashShare share count, the comments of your posts and the total reads of an article. The read counter includes an option to increment in real time.


  • Specify individual colors for all counters
  • Total read counter can be used in realtime mode via ajax polling
  • Shortcode included
  • Widget included in Appearance->Widgets
  • Shown only on singular pages
  • Great performance; All requests are cached
  • Change horizontal alignment:
    • Left, Center, Right
  • Two included css styles:
    • Get counters beside or below each other
  • Animated read counter with adjustable animation length
  • Individualize and localize the counter names

Shortcode examples

Style 1: [mashpw style=style1]

[mashpw style=style1]

Style 2: [mashpw style=style2]

[mashpw style=style2]

Align center: [mashpw align=center]

[mashpw align=center]

Align left: [mashpw align=left]

[mashpw align=left]

Align right: [mashpw align=right]

[mashpw align=right]

You can integrate this counter  directly in your WordPress templates with echo do_shortcode(‘[mashpw]’);


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