Facebook Like-Bar

Facebook Like-Bar
A highly customizable, fully responsive
and mobile-optimized sticky Like-Bar


  • Hides automatically after the user clicks the Like Button
  • Define the language of like button for all Facebook supported languages
  • Define custom Call to Action title of the Like-Bar
  • Let users like website or fan page
  • Powerful integrated style editor to change width, height, color, margin, alignment, and font-size
  • Show Like-Bar on top or bottom of your page
  • Show Like-Bar only on mobile devices
  • Enable optional close button
  • Define time in days when Like-Bar should occur again after using the close button
  • Use native Facebook Like button or static custom image
    Included: “Thumbs” Icon, CSS3 animated heart, CSS3 animated circle. All icons are high-resolution lossless vector web-fonts and css3 icons
  • Define where the Like Bar should be visible: posts, pages, custom post_types, archives, categories
  • Define a list of pages where the Like-Bar is not shown
  • Google Analytics Integration:
    • Check out which articles are liked most
    • Timepoint of a like.
    • Make A/B tests, find out which Like-Bar design converts best.
    • Track and trace “Likes” and “Unlikes”, click on your custom like the image
    • Using Google Analytics events, so Real-Time event tracking is possible

See a working demo on this page!


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