Facebook like button is showing zero count suddenly

It seems something is going on with the facebook like counter which is used for the facebook like button. We noticed on a lot of customer websites that the like counter has suddenly became zero.

Let’s let’s hope this is just temporarily and facebook is not removing the like count!

A possible workaround:

On a few sites it helped to remove or append the trailing slash from a facebook page url. This is solving the problem often but not in any case.

So if you embed a facebook like button for a page like https://www.facebook.com/wpquads/, try to use the link https://www.facebook.com/wpquads instead and wait a little bit. If you are already using the url version without a trailing slash try to append it.

Do you experience similar issues on your sites?

Edit: Facebook confirmed officially that this is a bug.

07.04.2017 – It’s fixed

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